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King Snaps Industrial Corporation 新今鋼實業有限公司

Safety Accessory, Mountaineering equipment, marine hardware, rigging hardware...

Today is 20,Apr,2018
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About Us
Under ISO 9001 standard and 25 years of manufacturing, we are sure that best quality controls manufacturer, /textarea/i delivery and after service will be fully satisfied with you.
Researching and developing are always our final goals. New and precise products will be continuous by our teams of engineer and sales.
Kindly send your samples or drawing for immediate quotation. Any questions or problems can be directly contacted with us.
King Snaps Industrial Corp. are specialized in reaching, developing and producing Safety Accessory, Carabiners, Rock Climbing Carabiners, Safety Hooks, Pulleys, Quick Release Buckles, Harness, Marine Hardware, Quick links, Shackles, Bolts, Turnbuckles, Snap Hooks, Spring Hooks, Swivels, Rigging Hardware, Thimbles, Wire Rope Clamp(Clip), Saddle Hardware, Brass Buckles, Buckles used for safety in climbing, rescue, yachting and industrial works. [Details]
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